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Advanced wound dressings

Guidelines for clinical application(for reference only)
guidelines for clinical application of functional wound dressings ( for reference only )
typical clinical characteristics of chronic wounds ——recommend combination
1、the wound is coverd with black scab, the tissue is dry and necrotic, with little or no exudate, the surrounding skin is hardened and pigmented.
recommend: hydrogel dressing, hydrogel dressing tube
clinical effect: remove black scab and necrotic tissue, clean the wound
2、there is yellow rotten tissue on the wound, accompanied by local wound infection and the exudate begins to increase.
recommend: silver lon dressing, disposable negative pressure closed drainage dressing, super absorbent dressing, foam dressing
clinical effect: remove necrotic and rotten tissue, anti-infection, absorb exudate, clean the wound
3、the granulation tissue begins to grow, the tissue is bright red, and the exudate gradually decreases
recommend: disposable negative pressure closed drainage dressing, alginate dressing, hydrocolloid dressing, foam dressing
clinical effect: keep the wound moisture and promote the growth of granulation tissue
4、when the epithelization begins, the wound gradually shrinks and heals
recommend: hydrogel dressing, hydrocolloid dressing
clinical effect: protect new epithelial tissue and accelerate wound healing to prevent secondary injury