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How the blister plaster works

Blisters are also very common in life, but if you accidentally have blisters on your feet, you should immediately think of using blister plaster to treat your blisters, which can promote the recovery of blisters and relieve the pain caused by blisters, then you may If you are curious about the working principle of blister plaster, please take a look with me below.

The treatment principle of blister plaster:

The blister plaster is made of hydrocolloid material and has two layers. The inner material absorbs excess fluid and forms a gel over the wound, where any moisture it collects forms white air bubbles. Blisters are healing when they are visible from the outside. The outer layer creates an airtight space to protect the blister from bacteria and dirt. It's soft, comfortable, and breathable. In addition, blister plaster can provide a slightly acidic airtight space for wound healing. Its hydrophilic polymer particles are in contact with wound exudate, forming a layer of wet gel on the wound surface, providing a moist and airtight healing environment for the wound surface, promoting cell proliferation and epithelial cell movement, thereby speeding up wound healing. of healing. The adhesive material guarantees the self-adhesiveness of the dressing, while the hydrocolloid is the basis for the absorbent properties of the dressing, and the artificial elastomer makes the dressing elastic.

Blister plaster dressing features:

①It has the function of absorbing wound exudate. After absorbing the exudate, the hydrophilic particles in the dressing can form a gel-like semi-solid substance, attached to the wound base, providing and maintaining a moist environment conducive to wound healing. Promote cell proliferation and epithelial cell movement, thereby accelerating wound healing.

②It is viscous and can form a closed wound surface. A closed healing environment can promote the proliferation of microvessels and the formation of granulation tissue, thereby accelerating wound healing.

③ The hydrophobic layer on the surface has waterproof properties, which can prevent the invasion of foreign microorganisms and reduce the possibility of infection.

Use of blister plaster:

When blisters appear, clean first and use blister plaster to cover your blisters so most blisters don't need to "pop". However, if it is more than 5 mm in diameter, it must be punctured after disinfection, and then covered with blister plaster, so that the blister can speed up the healing of the wound and prevent infection of the ulcer.

Is the difference between blister plaster and an ordinary band-aid?

Some people may ask what is the difference between these two uses? Let's talk about common band-aids first. Ordinary band-aids are easy to fall off when used and are not wear-resistant, which can easily cause wound infection. However, blister plaster is made of a hydrocolloid material, which is softer, just like the second layer of skin of the human body. And blister plaster has good stickiness, not easy to fall off, blister plaster is specially designed to help blisters heal and protect blisters from further friction.

What benefits of blister plaster?

Using blister plaster is immediate pain relief. Due to their flexibility, active gel pads, and strength, plasters prevent friction between the skin and socks or shoes.

While blisters can take weeks or longer to heal, blister plaster can speed up the healing process. With its waterproof and strong adhesive properties, blister plaster can stay in place for a few days until the edges start to lift.

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Editor: kiki Jia

Date: November 21, 2022