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What is super absorbent wound dressing?

I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the theory of moist healing. It can provide an environmental humidity and temperature that is conducive to wound healing. The moist healing method can not only promote the growth of granulation tissue but also greatly shorten the wound healing time. It can also reduce pain and Infect. Acute wounds produce reparative exudate organized by growth factors, in contrast to typical chronic wounds, which are often in a phase of heightened inflammation, with increasing levels of exudate, making these wounds susceptible to biofilm formation and infection. Since these conditions further limit the wound's ability to heal faster, super-absorbent wound dressing is required to effectively manage these large exudates. This article will introduce superabsorbent dressings to you, please follow me to take a look.

Why does Excessive Exudate Affect Wound Healing?

Excessive exudate may contain harmful substances and microorganisms that disrupt the wound bed and impregnate the wound peri-wound. Therefore, proper management of exudates is imperative to ensure wound progression through the healing cascade. Supper absorbent wound dressing is an effective way to not only absorb exudate but also to suck away harmful drainage fluid. Thanks to their hydrophilic layer, even the most excessive exudates can be absorbed. Unlike standard dressings, superabsorbent dressings require fewer dressing changes. Superabsorbents are cost-effective due to fewer dressing changes and allow undisturbed wound healing. The use of superabsorbent dressings can help normalize chronic wounds compared to standard dressings and should be considered in cases of excessive exudate.

How much do you know about super absorbent wound dressing?

It is a highly absorbent dressing that is increasingly used in exuding wounds. Super absorbent wound dressing can still lock liquid under pressure, has high MVTR, can provide pressure cushioning, and some have silicone contact layers. Super absorbent wound dressing is a multi-layer wound dressing with higher absorbency than traditional foam dressings. This dressing has a non-adherent and hydrophilic wound contact layer woven together with an absorbent core consisting of highly absorbent fibers, possibly of cellulose origin. These dressings can also be used under a compression dressing for extended periods of time.

What positive effects does Super absorbent wound dressing have on wound healing?

①Continuously absorb excess exudate from the wound surface, while keeping the wound surface properly moist, avoiding impregnation of the wound surface, and achieving two-way humidity adjustment.

②Continuous absorption of exudate makes the wound surface form a micro-negative pressure environment, generates a pressure gradient, reduces edema, stimulates cells to secrete growth factors, promotes the entry of new blood vessels, white blood cells, and fibroblasts, and accelerates wound healing.

③ Absorb bad pore tissue and inflammatory exudate, reduce the "damage" of inflammatory substances to wound cell tissue.

④The super absorbency makes the dressing unnecessary to be replaced frequently, which greatly reduces the secondary damage caused by frequent dressing replacement and avoids delayed wound healing.

What conditions can be treated with super absorbent wound dressing?

For wounds with moderate to high exudate, general dressings are difficult to absorb continuously, or the dressing is changed frequently, or the wound is soaked in exudate, both of which are not conducive to rapid wound healing. super absorbent wound dressing is suitable for a wide range of wounds. In particular, superabsorbent dressings can be used for various forms of exudative wounds, such as Ⅱ-Ⅲ burn wounds; burn plastic skin grafting, skin donor site wounds; various types of ulcers, pressure sores, and other refractory wounds; post-surgical and traumatic wounds, etc.

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Date: November 24, 2022