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Case sharing after ostomy

Sleep is very important for postoperative patients, especially for patients who have just completed surgery to recover. However, patients who have just had an ostomy are often worried about leakage of the stoma, fear of poor nursing care, and odor on the body. Even lying in bed at night and dare not to sleep, or often waking up in sleep, worry about excrement leakage, long-term insomnia, and anxiety problems will also occur. Recently, a group of new patients with an ostomy joined the group, and they found that they all have sleep disorders during communication Such a problem, so this article will explain to you how to improve the insomnia mood of patients with an ostomy in the early stage, so please follow me to take a look.

Why does it affect sleep after surgery?

Postoperative incompatibility leads to sleep discomfort. Every stoma patient has to experience it. The main reason is that the way of defecation and psychological pressure will cause difficulty in falling asleep. Generally speaking, postoperative doctors will first provide psychological counseling and education to stoma patients. For example, tell them that many patients with an ostomy will have insomnia, anxiety, and social barriers so they have psychological expectations. If the patient has such problems, the doctor will basically tell the patient that these conditions are the cause of every ostomy. A difficulty that people have to go through after going out after the operation so that they don't have to feel particularly helpless. When encountering such problems, doctors and family members need to cooperate with each other, especially family members who should give enough understanding and attention. As time goes on and the patient becomes more experienced with ostomy care, worry decreases and sleep improves.

How to improve the sleep of postoperative ostomy patients?

1. Meditation: In addition to psychological education, insomnia and anxiety can also be improved through meditation. During meditation, patients can imagine that their ostomy is well cared for and that they are in good condition in all aspects, so it is easier to fall asleep at ease.

2. Selection of ostomy products: In addition, the selection of ostomy bags is also very important. It is necessary to choose different ostomy bags according to the different shapes of the ostomy. Choose a flat or convex ostomy bag, and choose a one-piece or two-piece ostomy bag according to your usage habits. pocket. It is also necessary to choose ordinary bags or large bags according to the amount of defecation, and choose ordinary ostomy bags and vented ostomy bags according to the exhaust situation. Some patients worry about the leakage of the stoma when they fall asleep. They can also choose Skin Protective Paste to prevent leakage, and they can wear an ostomy belt according to their sleep habits so that it is not easy to overflow when rolling at night.

3. Psychological guidance: Under the guidance of a psychologist, patients can also undergo progressive muscle relaxation training and biofeedback treatment, which can also help patients improve their mood and sleep. If the patient's insomnia and anxiety are severe, the doctor will assist with the drug treatment on the basis of the above non-drugs and use drugs to help the patient reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

4. Preparations before going to bed: Wear slightly tight-fitting pajamas to prevent the bag from shaking. You can put a pillow by your side when you sleep, so that it can play a certain role in restricting and preventing stoma leakage caused by turning over too much during sleep The problem is that the sleeping position should be as far as possible supine to limit the possibility of turning over, and it is necessary to check the storage of the ostomy bag before going to bed. If the storage of excrement has reached the warning line, it should be cleaned before going to bed to prevent leakage in the middle of the night.

5. Eat as little as possible before going to bed, which is more conducive to sleep quality.

The above 5 secrets are the methods that can help the majority of patients with an ostomy to improve their sleep quality after an ostomy. Following these methods will definitely make you fall asleep better.

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Editor: kiki Jia

Date: January 13, 2023