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Grow with the sunshine, meet beauty.

Foreword: No matter what stage of life we are in, people in the world always need our care. They may be the backbone of families, communities, and businesses, but sometimes, they must be taken care of. Each person is asked to play a different role as a family member and may become a caregiver with little preparation. It upsets everyone, but if everyone pays attention to the people who need to be cared for, and gives others more love, trust me, you will be warmed too. People also need each other more than ever because of the various disasters over the years. Below is a true story of a Longterm Medical patient.


    [Exemplary Power] I am a deformed child - living is king

Find strength in the struggle against fate from birth

From the day I came into this world, I was ruthlessly tricked by fate. I was unfortunate but also lucky; after fighting against death, again and again, I was fortunate to survive. I like a sentence written by Yu Juan very much: this life is not completed, living is king.

When I was born, it was a winter day when I was held in thick swaddling by my grandmother, a very small one. It is said that I refused to breastfeed for a long time when I was born, and I only cried. At that time, my family did not know what was going on. Several days passed. Later, when my grandmother opened her clothes and looked at her, she was dumbfounded: there was no stool in the diaper, her entire belly was bulging and large, and even her belly was crystal clear. The local doctor said it was too much to bear, so he was sent to a large hospital. Hospital diagnosis: congenital anal atresia, congenital spina bifida. I am a freak!

At that time, the doctor said: Give it up. Such a child cannot survive. Even surviving is painful.

My grandma and the others insisted on saving me as long as I was alive.

Congenital atresia of the anus, normal bowel movements will not come out; I will die in a few days; I have been alive for so many days, I am dying; it is said that part of my stool is suffocated to the scrotum, there is a small opening, luckily left a ray of life for himself.

The doctor said: If the child does not cry or make trouble within 4 hours, throw it away, it will not be saved. My grandma wrapped a cat-like me in her stomach and warmed me with her body. As a result, after more than 3 hours, my grandmother heard my cry, and my mother, my grandmother, and the family insisted on treatment.

So, within a month, the doctor performed two operations on me, congenital anal atresia surgery and congenital spina bifida surgery, and I usually survived.

I could grow up healthy like this, but when I was three or four years old, I still couldn't control my bowel movements. The hospital diagnosis was the cause of the surgery in infancy, which resulted in damage to the cauda equina, resulting in incontinence. Since then, my childhood has been traveling back and forth between Beijing Children's Hospital and my home. Even after many years, the old doctor there knows that there is a patient like me.

I stumbled and stumbled to the age of school. Because of incontinence, I only went to primary school for one and a half years and did not finish the second grade! At that time, my classmates thought I was dirty, so I dropped out of school when my self-esteem was frustrated. Later, I regretted it so much that I should keep studying.

"I'm fortunate," said an expert in Beijing. If the spina bifida were any closer, I would be paralyzed and unable to stand up again. Fortunately, I was still able to stand up.

Due to uncontrolled bowel movements and the narrowing of the anus, I am constantly constipated. Due to long-term constipation and eventually leading to megacolon lesions, I always had stomach pains when I was a child.


In 1998, when I was 21 years old, my stomach hurt so much that I fainted, and I was sent to Beijing Guang'anmen Hospital. But the doctor couldn't do a colonoscopy for me at that time because of the megacolon. I couldn't pass the stool. I used a lot of castor oil and mannitol. After 20 times of flushing, I couldn't flush the seat down.

At that time, the doctor considered that I was still young and did not perform an ostomy operation on me, only a megacolonectomy. At that time, he fasted for 56 days and lived on the input of fatty amino acids. But this operation made me lie in bed for eight months, and I also received three bags of blood transfusions, which greatly damaged my vitality. The surgical incision is made from the lower abdomen below the navel to the upper part of the navel.

Fortunately, I survived again.

    Along the way, I found my strength.

Since 1998, to defecate, I have been using compound aloe vera capsules every day for 25 years, so the skin of my intestines turned black, which means I got black bowel disease. Some people say, don't take this medicine. But if you don't eat, you won't have a bowel movement. If you eat it, you can't control it, and you will lose control. It's too painful.

Due to my congenital spina bifida, meningocele also caused foot valgus, my feet were deformed then, and I could not walk. To put it bluntly, there is no arch. In 2008, I had arthrodesis correction again. Although it is corrected now, my feet hurt after walking for a long time.

In 2008, it was my ex-wife and my parents who took care of me. My ex-wife and I have always had a good relationship. Unexpectedly, at the end of 2008, my ex-wife suddenly vomited. After it was found out that it was a malignant gastric ulcer, it was found that all the cancer cells had metastasized, and after the operation, he lived for just over a month before leaving.

At that time, I left my five-year-old daughter. At the time, it was a big blow to me. When my ex-wife was leaving, she took my hand and said, "You must raise your daughter, you must honor your parents, and live well in this world."

In 2021, I had a large bulge on my stomach, which doctors think is an incisional hernia, not a tumor. But all the local hospitals did not dare to operate on me after seeing it, saying that 90% of the patients would relapse. In addition, due to the repeated loss of control of the anus, the rectum and anus have thickened, and the defecation area will be narrower, making it more difficult to defecate in the future.

In the end, I decided to do the hernia repair surgery first, then the ostomy surgery and the two operations were performed at the same time. The chief physician was also very nice and didn't make me spend a lot of money. I am very grateful to them.

My current wife can't take care of herself anymore. She has rheumatoid arthritis. She has spent more than 80,000 yuan and has not improved. Now she is identified as having a second-degree disability. A daughter is still in school, and her parents are old. So I have to be strong. I have to earn money to maintain this family; I will definitely overcome all difficulties; as long as I face them intensely, everything will pass.

My mission is to honor my parents well, stay with my current wife, raise my daughter, let her be a good person, and teach him well. Although I can't do big things and make contributions to society, I also have to do small things well.

I am now working in the factory. I got my C1 driver's license last year. Now I am here to learn to drive a forklift, that is, to load and unload that kind of vehicle.

Thank you, doctor, for helping me discover my spiritual strength

Over the years, I have met a lot of people who care about me in this world. I am really grateful to them. It is because of this love that I have lived so much. Especially growing up in the tears of my mother, I know how to be grateful, know how to understand others, and know how to empathize. Especially my grandparents, my grandma, cares very much about me, I grew up in such a loving environment, so I cherish life very much and cherish all those who love me very much. The power of this kind of love is very strong, and it made me understand that life does not belong to me alone. My parents paid such a high price for me, and I must live well.

The doctor said that the luckiest thing for me was a miracle!

"I want to live well, honor my parents, raise my daughter, be worthy of my dead ex-wife, and never leave my disabled wife. This is his belief in this life."

"The world kisses me with pain, but I return it with a song."


Maybe fate has given us a lot of injustice and hardship, but we can still have family, friends, and love. This life is unfinished; living is king.

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Editor: kiki Jia

Date: July 29, 2022