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Let the stoma accompany you to sleep peacefully

Sleep is very important to each of us, it provides us with the energy we need for the day, it can make us feel better, our mood will be happier, and of course, it plays a vital role in our body repair.

Those who have just had a stoma, may feel very uncomfortable at the beginning, and they will be very worried about the leakage of the stoma, so they cannot fall asleep at ease. This is normal and requires an adaptation process, and you can understand how Tips for better sleep.



Help improve sleep quality after ostomy:

①Solve the problem of stoma leakage:

Many people with stoma toss and turn at night because they are worried about stoma leakage. Here are some tips on how to prevent stoma leakage during sleep:

Longterm Medical, a manufacturer of quality ostomy supplies, will provide you with a guide on how to better manage your sleep after an ostomy.

①Please empty and replace your ostomy bag before going to bed

This piece of advice is to make sure you sleep with a new ostomy bag, depending on the type of bag you use. This can help reduce your anxiety about stoma leaks and ensure your bag doesn't spill over the night. You can also use the Longterm Medical Anti Leakage strip to reduce the chance of leaks, make changing the pouch a part of your nightly routine and it will soon become a habit.

②Find a sleeping position that suits you

Find your most comfortable sleeping position. After ostomy surgery, your doctor may recommend that you lie on your back or on your side. It may take a while to adjust to the new sleeping position. However, you'll soon be getting better sleep again . Of course, you need to stay away from the side of the abdomen where the stoma is located. It can put pressure on your stoma and bag, which can cause problems. So it's a good idea to get used to lying on your back or side. You can also try using pillows in certain positions, for example, if you sleep on your side, try placing a pillow under the stoma pocket for support. Don't worry too much about this, you'll find a position that's right for you in no time.

③Wear loose pajamas and use an ostomy Belt

After replacing the ostomy bag, it is recommended that you use the Longterm Medical O stomy Belt, which can help your ostomy bag get a good support and prevent you from slipping easily during sleep.

A loose and comfortable nightgown can help you sleep more comfortably at night.

④Please put a pillow by your side

Do you roll over or move around a lot during sleep? If so, this is a potential problem when you wear the pouch at night.

When sleeping, it's impossible to stay in one position all night, so put a pillow next to your body . Just place them tightly around you, whether you're lying on your back or on your side.

②Adjust your diet management:


Second, pay attention to your eating habits and how food affects your stoma. You may find it useful to eat dinner earlier than usual to give your body time to process the food before going to bed.

You should also pay attention to how certain foods make you feel and whether they are causing any problems with your stoma. Over time, you may be able to identify certain types of foods that cause stoma problems. It's a good idea to avoid any food that can cause diarrhea in all meals, especially at night!

For some suggestions on stoma diet, you can refer to previous articles.

Be careful when choosing food. Try to avoid carbonated beverages and high-fiber foods as your last meal before bed.

③ Other things you can try...


Of course, there are many things you can try to help improve your sleep quality, all of which apply to everyone, not just ostomists! Some major attempts include:

① Try to fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day.

② Reduce the time you spend looking at your phone at night.

③ Do not consume caffeine later in the day .

④ Reduce irregular and long daytime naps .

⑤ Take a hot bath or shower before going to bed .

Of course, everyone's habits are different, and everyone can constantly explore the most suitable way of life and rest. Longterm Medical will provide more convenience for people with ostomy.

 For more information on Innomed® ostomy pouch refer to the previous articles. If you have customized needs, you are welcome to contact us; we will serve you wholeheartedly.

At Longterm Medical, we transform this data by innovating and developing products that make life easier for those who need loving care.

Editor: kiki Jia

Date: : September 7, 2022