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(Case) What should I do if the skin around the stoma is red and cracked?

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The main complaint of the patient:

1 One year after the ostomy, the skin around the stoma is red and cracked.

2And there is an obvious bulge at the stoma.

The following picture shows the stoma at that time:


Ostomy assessment:

1. Inappropriate selection of stoma products.

2. If the skin around the stoma is uneven, there will be leakage.

3. The stoma adhesive causes the skin to peel off the skin.

4. Poor stoma skin hygiene.

Suggested care measures:

①Routine normal saline or clean water to clean the stoma and the skin around the stoma, and dry it with gauze.

②If the skin in the above picture is cracked, you can apply a small amount of erythromycin ointment.

③Apply stoma skin care powder to the skin around the stoma with redness and ulceration. When changing the bag, try to dry it as much as possible to reduce the redness of the skin.

④The folded skin around the stoma should be filled with anti-leakage cream to facilitate the adhesion of the chassis.

⑤Choose the micro-convex chassis and cut the central aperture to a suitable aperture (about 1~2mm larger than the size of the stoma root)

⑥Reinforced with stoma belt. Due to the slight ulceration and redness of the skin, the chassis may not be firmly attached. The abdominal belt can reduce the pressure on the abdomen, so the waist belt plays a key role; it can not only prevent leakage but also reduce the impact of excrement on the surrounding Impregnation of the skin.

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For skin allergies or sensitivities :

Some optimists experience skin irritation after using the stoma tray. This may indicate skin allergy or sensitivity to the adhesive of the chassis. It is recommended to test the skin of the arm in advance when starting to use different ostomy products.

Skin peeling due to adhesive :

Some skin complications around the stoma are caused by the frequency of use and the removal technique. Excessive removal of the chassis will irritate the skin around the stoma. Frequent irritation and peeling of the skin can lead to skin problems around the stoma.

Poor stoma hygiene :

The skin around the stoma needs to be properly cared for and cleaned regularly. If the skin is not cleaned properly, it can eventually lead to a rash, redness, or infection over time.

Pay attention to dietary adjustments:

During the period of skin damage, it is necessary to adjust the diet structure so that the stool cannot be too watery. You can properly consume green vegetables rich in vitamins and fruits rich in vitamins, such as spinach, Chinese cabbage, kiwi fruit, apples, bananas, pears, etc. Eating too greasy food can easily lead to diarrhea and contamination of the skin due to stool.

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Editor: kiki Jia

Date: November 11, 2022