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Use matters and characteristics of isolation gown

Isolation gown refers to protective clothing used to protect medical staff from contamination by blood, body fluids and other infectious substances, or to protect recruits from infection. Isolation clothing is the isolation clothing worn during experiments, research and medical examinations. The product adopts high-quality SMS non-woven fabric, which can isolate the infection caused by dust and other factors, keep it clean, avoid secondary infection, and keep the environment clean, soft, comfortable, breathable, safe and hygienic. Pay attention to the following points when wearing:

1. Keep the collar clean, avoid polluting the collar when putting on and taking off, and clean the surface.
2. Isolation clothing should be replaced every day, if there is moisture or pollution. Should be replaced immediately.
3. The length of the isolation clothing should be appropriate, and all work clothes should be covered. If there is a hole, please do not use it.

Features of isolation gown:
1. The elasticity enhances and sticks to the face, safe and breathable.
2. Elastic closure, elastic folding design for cuffs and trouser legs, comfortable and tight-fitting.
3. Comfortable waist, loose and comfortable design, suitable for various body types.
Fourth, it is a double guarantee. There is a zipper at the entrance and a tape at the seam, which makes the seal tighter and safer.