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The wound negative pressure drainage set uses a polymer medical sponge as the intermediary between the negative pressure drainage tube and the wound surface. The wound surface is sealed with a biological semipermeable membrane, and a closed drainage system is formed under the action of a negative pressure suction machine. During negative pressure treatment, the negative pressure can absorb the exudate from the wound in time, and the medicine can be changed every 3-10 days. The cost and other characteristics can accelerate the healing time of acute wounds by more than 60%, and the healing time of chronic wounds by 2-3 times.

Negative pressure wound therapy technology is a new technology developed in recent years for the treatment of wounds. It uses biological semipermeable membranes to seal open wounds, uses a special negative pressure machine to generate a certain negative pressure, and acts on the wound through drainage tubes and dressings. Wound after debridement.

Studies have shown that this therapy can accelerate the blood circulation of the wound, significantly promote the entry of new blood vessels into the wound, stimulate the growth of granulation tissue, fully drain, reduce edema, reduce pollution, inhibit bacterial growth, and can directly accelerate wound healing, or create surgical repair. condition. It is an efficient, simple and economical pure physical therapy that promotes wound healing.

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