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Application principle of hydrocolloid blister plaster

Application principle of hydrocolloid blister plaster
Blisters form when friction between the foot and the shoe causes the top layer of skin to peel off and the deeper layer to rupture and fill the vesicle with fluid. Hydrocolloid band-Aid is like the second layer of human skin, effectively promote skin self-repair, easy to achieve blister healing, quick and traceless effect immediately!
Application principle structure
1. The outermost layer is polyurethane film, which is waterproof and breathable and has the effect of isolating foreign bacteria.
2. The middle layer is viscous hydrocolloid, which mainly absorbs wound exudate, keeps the environment moist and promotes wound healing.
3. The bottom layer is coated with adhesive layer, which can fix the wound and reduce the viscosity after wetting. It does not cause secondary injury when removing the wound.
* Prevent bacterial fluids from entering
* Evaporation of excess water vapor
* Absorb wound fluid
Hydrocolloid foot stick: direct to deep skin, drain blisters and fluid, avoid wound scab waterproof design, avoid injury infection
Ordinary heel band-Aids: only for superficial skin wounds, can not absorb blister fluid, can not heal wounds, waterproof, easy to detach