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Silicone scar dressing inhibits the principle of scar

After the healing of the wound, scar is inevitable. Once a scar is fomed, it is dificult to find a treatment plan. So for scar, the lnternationally recognized consensus is: Prevention.

Scar Formation Mechanism
1、Skin damaged,stratum corneum damaged, skin PH value changed
2、Fibroblast hyperplasia.
3、High Moisture-Vapor Transimission Rate(MVTR).
4、Stimulate capillary hyperplasia.
5、The scar hardened and protuberant, with darken color.

Scar Reduction Mechanism Of Scar Treatment Sheets

1、Stimulate keratinocyte proliferation, and maintain normal skin PH value; repair epidermal tissue.
2、lnhibit fibroblast hyperplasia.
3、Low Moisture-Vapor Transimission Rate(MVTR), high breathability.
4、lnhibit capillary hyperplasia.
5、The scars become smooth and soft, and the elasticity and normal skin color are restored.

Prevention is The Best Way To Control Scar Formation

Factors Of Causing Scars: Overgrowth Of Granulation Tissue
Fibroblast hyperplasia; synthesizes and secrete a large amount of collagen, and form granulation tissue together with new capillaries. The redundant growth of granulation connective tissue is
hyperplasia, that is, the structure of scars. When the hyperplasia lasts for a period of time, it will gradually swell, forming a scar significantly higher than the skin.

Countermeasures: Scar Treatment Sheet
The characteristics of scar treatment sheets can inhibit the hyperplasia of fibroblasts and capillaries, relieve scar congestion, decrease the color and restore the skin color. Time of use: 3-6 months after initial wound healing