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Baby injury scar treatment strategy

For any accidents, children do not have a strong sense of danger, they do not understand the existence of danger, so children are easily hurt by the outside world, if there is a fall, etc., please be sure to deal with it in time, and the damage is below the dermis It is easy to produce scars, but it is just the abrasion of the epidermis, no matter how large the area is, as long as there is no infection and no damage to the dermis, please rest assured that this kind of scratch will not leave scars. The child is injured, and the parents are also the closest doctors to the child. The strategy compiled today is recommended for collection, but I hope it will never be used.

When a wound occurs:

When your baby has a wound accidentally, please don't panic, first carefully observe the condition of the wound, including the size, depth, and affected parts of the wound. If the wound is small and the bleeding is small, it is recommended to use a clean cotton swab dipped in alcohol or sterilized saline to clean the wound and apply local pressure with sterilized cotton to stop the bleeding. After sufficient hemostasis, you can use hydrocolloid band-aid, which can provide the wound with a slightly acidic space that is conducive to wound healing, and the hydrocolloid is soft in texture, suitable for children, and can also relieve pain, and at the same time prevent foreign microorganisms from invading, reducing The chance of wound infection can improve the speed of wound healing. It is very convenient to operate and use and is suitable for regular use at home.

Wound care:

It is recommended to use Wound Skin Closure during the wound healing period. It can provide tensile strength, prevent wound dehiscence, and protect granulation tissue from abnormal proliferation due to excessive collagen secretion, thereby inhibiting scar widening. It is very suitable for small wounds in daily life. Adhesion repair such as stab wounds and cuts.

Scar Care:

Whether a scar occurs is mainly determined by the depth of the wound and the healing of the skin.

So, here comes the important point, what can parents do to prevent scars from appearing? It is very important to do the following 3 points well.

a. Care should be taken to prevent skin infection.

b. Silicone scar dressing flakiness: Compared with oral administration, injection, and infusion, the use of functional dressings is safer, with little risk and little possibility of allergies. The main scar reduction mechanism of silicone scar dressing is high-purity medical silica gel The ingredients inhibit the proliferation of fibroblasts and capillaries, thereby preventing the fading of scar color.

c. When the scar heals, the hyperplasia is obvious, with redness and itching, in this case, children must avoid eating, and any spicy (alcohol) things should not be touched. Pay attention to prevent children from scratching the itchy scar, which will make the scar hyperplasia more obvious.

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Date: November 29, 2022