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Ostomy bag odor case sharing

For stoma patients. Stoma odor often brings a lot of trouble to the daily social life of stoma patients. Usually, there are many reasons for the odor. Today I will tell you how to deal with and prevent stoma odor.

My ostomy bag smells bad, what should I do?

Last week, Ms. Qin asked about her troubles with the patients. Since Ms. Qin often attended social activities, the odor of the stoma caused her a lot of trouble, so she sought help from our stoma teacher.

Given her frequent social engagements, this is a big deal, and we can understand why. Of course, no one wants to smell like a bodily waste all day long. Also, you don't want other people to notice any odor from your stoma. Fortunately, as long as you have a pouch system that fits well and seals well, you don't have to worry too much. When ostomy supplies are used correctly, the odor should be avoided, however, if you notice some unpleasant odors more frequently, it's time to find out the underlying cause. We can find a solution!

First, make sure your ostomy bag is not leaking.

First, you need to make sure your ostomy bag is airtight, it is important to check that your current urostomy bag, ileostomy bag, or colostomy bag is sealing against the peristomal skin (skin around the stoma) Degree. When the skin barrier doesn't adhere properly to the skin to form a seal, your ostomy can leak odors, gas, and even feces or urine under the barrier.

So how to improve the leakage of the ostomy bag? First, when you use a stoma disc, you should make sure in advance that your peristomal skin is clean, dry, and shaved (if you have body hair). Do not use any oily lotions or strong soaps around the stoma, this may irritate your skin and affect the adhesive properties of the pouching system. Recommended Skin Protective Powder is a specialized stoma powder that absorbs moisture to create a protective barrier. It can help keep your skin healthy while increasing the wear time of your pouch.

Ostomy supplies prevent odors.

I believe that everyone is no longer unfamiliar with activated carbon. It is a very small carbon particle with a large surface area, and there are smaller pores in the carbon particle. The capillary has a strong adsorption capacity. Due to the large surface area of the carbon particle Large, it can fully contact with the gas (impurity), when the gas (impurity) hits the capillary, it will be adsorbed and play a role in purification. After understanding the principle of activated carbon, everyone must want to know why my ostomy bag still smells when it can be absorbed. The main function of the ostomy bag is to store excrement. Activated carbon is used to filter the bag weight and gas, and absorb odor. In the case of such a strong smell, the adsorption of activated carbon is easily saturated, but there are small gaps in the activated carbon sheet itself, and one side is connected to the outside, which causes the odor to escape. In this case, it is recommended to choose an ostomy bag with better air tightness. It is more convenient for patients with a lot of air to swell the bag. It is more convenient to choose a bag with a vent. It is sealed daily to isolate odors. Open the vent when it is necessary to vent. It can realize one-second exhaust, clean and hygienic.

The sequence of use of stoma accessories:

After applying Skin Protective Powder, the floating powder on the surface needs to be wiped off, then use Skin Protective Spray, and then apply the skin barrier.

For more information on Innomed® ostomy attachment, refer to the previous articles. If you have customized needs, you are welcome to contact us; we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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Editor: kiki Jia

Date: December 2, 2022