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Stoma loose stool case sharing

Recently, I saw some people asking about stoma loose stool in the stoma customer group. Loose stool is also a common problem in the stoma population. According to the research survey, more than 60% of colostomy patients have irregular defecation in the early stage, and the number of daily defecation is More than 4 times. Long-term irregular defecation will cause a series of problems in the patient's physiology, psychology, and social interaction, which will seriously affect the quality of life of the patient. Whether regular defecation can be formed as soon as possible is very important to the quality of life of patients with a permanent colostomy. Therefore, finding a suitable method to promote regular defecation in patients with permanent colostomy is the focus of everyone's attention. This article summarizes the methods to promote regular defecation of patients as follows, please take a look with me below.

Case: Ms. Zhu, the temporary stoma has been in place for a month and a half, and it was not very formed before, but this Thursday, she suddenly stopped defecation, which is relatively viscous, and she usually drinks water on time.

Analysis: In fact, the more parts of the large intestine are surgically removed, the thinner the stool will be, and the more water will be. It is normal to have a thick stool, as long as the exhaust and defecation are normal, there is no need to worry about people with temporary stoma and ileostomy who need to drink more Water has nothing to do with the viscous stool, and it is normal to have a burst of exhaust, and it is enough to have exhausted every day. But if there is no exhaust for a whole day and the stomach is bloated, try rubbing the stomach clockwise, and go to the hospital for examination there is no exhaust for two or three days.

How to promote regular bowel movements?

Regular defecation habit: Regular defecation training can promote early regular defecation of patients. This habit also needs to be persisted for a long time. On this basis, it needs to cooperate with dietary intervention, and it can also reduce the odor of the stoma.

Traditional Chinese medicine method: Apply raw rhubarb to the navel at regular intervals before going to bed every night for 8 hours, and clean the navel in the morning, which can promote regular defecation in patients with a permanent colostomy. By massaging the relevant acupoints and rotating the abdomen clockwise for 10 minutes, the intestinal function can be adjusted, the bowel movement can be promoted, and the regularity of bowel movements can be formed naturally. The method of rubbing the abdomen can promote the regular defecation of patients with a permanent colostomy.

Dietary adjustments: Some foods can loosen your stools and increase the volume of your bowel movements after you eat them. If you think a food is causing your stool to change, hold it off for a while and try again. These foods may loosen your stools: Examples include milk, juices, and raw fruits and vegetables, but some foods can thicken your stools. Some of these are applesauce, baked potatoes, rice, bread, peanut butter, pudding, and baked apples. It is recommended to drink 8 to 10 glasses of fluids per day. If you have diarrhea or your stools are loose or watery, try eating foods that contain potassium and sodium each day to keep your potassium and sodium levels from getting too low. Some examples of foods that contain potassium are bananas. Some high-sodium foods are snacks with added salt.

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Date: December 9, 2022