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How to heal the wound quickly after spinal surgery?

Spinal wounds are often different from wounds in other parts. Because most of the patients are older and emergency trauma patients, the operation time is longer and the skin healing speed is also very slow, which can easily lead to wound infection. Incisional infection and poor healing after surgery will prolong the hospitalization of patients time, increase treatment costs, and physical and psychological blows to patients and their families. Surveys have shown that the incidence of incision infection after posterior spinal surgery is 0.7% to 12%. Once it occurs, it will be difficult to treat the infection, delay the recovery of the patient's condition, and may cause sepsis and osteomyelitis. The incidence of infection is severe and even causes neurological dysfunction. Let us learn about the relevant knowledge of spinal wound healing.

Infection in spinal surgery may be related to the following reasons:

(1) The patient's risk factors, including elderly patients, diabetes mellitus, malnutrition, and the use of glucocorticoids, etc.

(2) Surgical factors, operation time, with the wide application of antibacterial drugs, the number of drug-resistant bacteria has increased, and the treatment of antibiotics for wound infection in spinal surgery has become a clinical concern.

How are incisions closed after spinal surgery?

Wound healing is a highly ordered and well-coordinated series of processes including inflammatory response, cell proliferation, matrix deposition, and tissue remodeling. After spinal surgery, in most cases, spinal surgeons use a closure with dissolvable sutures. method. Since spinal surgery is performed under the skin and muscle layers of the back, incisions must be closed at various levels. Your surgeon will stitch the layers of muscle together before closing the skin. Sutures are also commonly called sutures. This method of wound closure involves the use of sterile surgical thread, which is stronger than the thread most people are familiar with. Surgeons use these threads and needles to close the incisions, and some types of sutures dissolve within a few weeks of surgery.

be closed with topical Wound Skin Closure. It is a closed dressing that can be used externally to apply pressure on both sides of the wound, prevent wound dehiscence, avoid the formation of granulation tissue, prevent wound dehiscence, protect granulation tissue from abnormal proliferation due to excessive collagen secretion, thereby inhibiting the formation of scars, and can be used to help Closing the incision after spinal surgery. They can be applied to dissolvable sutures to help keep the skin closed or to help the wound heal after the stitches are removed.

How are incisions handled after back surgery?

most important aspects of recovering better after back surgery. Here are a few tips:

1. During the wound healing period, do not use the ointment, and do not bathe or swim in the bathtub. Before the wound is well healed, doing so will increase the risk of wound infection and hinder wound healing. In addition, you will need to keep your surgical incision clean. You can prevent infection while the wound heals by cleaning the incision site with soap and water and then drying off excess water with clean gauze.

2. Two weeks after surgery, in most cases non-dissolvable sutures are removed 14 days after spine surgery. At this point, the incision is usually fully healed.

3. Six weeks after surgery, many spinal surgery patients are eager to reduce their scars by applying Silicone Scar Dressing Tubular to their incisions. However, you must wait to get your surgeon's approval before doing so. Typically, the surgeon will allow the patient to start using scar cream six weeks after surgery.

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Date: December 8, 2022