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What does it take to make a good pocket?

Prevention and nursing of infant skin injury
"World Ostomy Day" is initiated by the International Ostomy Association (IOSTOMy). It is a day for ostomy patients and ostomy workers around the world to strengthen communication and promote ostomy knowledge to the whole society. The anniversary has been held every three years since 1996, on the first Saturday in October.
[Different defecation mode], [uncontrollable defecation time], [portable defecation bag], [excreta is contaminated with clothes], [embarrassment caused by the noise of pocket making] and other scenes, it is not difficult to find that the change of defecation mode has brought a lot of inconvenience to ostomy people, and the most direct one is self-abasement
"Ostomy can have a good life."
1, need to be able to effectively collect and discharge
2, need to be easy to replace, cleaning
3, need soft small but large capacity
4, need to paste solid, solid storage
5, need material noise is low, protect privacy