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Congratulations, Longterm Medical won the 'Gold Award for the Best Supplier in the World'

Posted by Admin | 19 Jan
On January 13, Mckesson, a Fortune 500 company, held the 18th Global Annual Supplier Conference (online conference). Mckesson announced that Zhejiang Longterm Medical Technology Co., Ltd will continue to win the Global Supplier Gold Award through the data-based assessment of suppliers' R&D capabilities, production control, quality management, risk management capabilities, and brand value throughout the year.

McKesson Corporation is a leading global provider of supply, information and healthcare management products and services. The largest part of the company's business is based on pharmaceutical wholesale, through its distribution centers throughout the United States to the United States wholesale of pharmaceuticals, health products, cosmetics, medical supplies and equipment. It is currently the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler in North America, with annual revenue of about $240 billion in 2021 and 67,500 employees. Ranked 12th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2021.

Since 2010, Zhejiang Longterm Medical Technology Co., Ltd has started to cooperate with McKesson. It is not an accident of business communication to go with the "giant". After Longterm Medical became the first self-developed hydrocolloid high-end dressing company in Asia in 2007, many international Medical companies have begun to contact Longterm Medical frequently, and many of them are top companies. Therefore, the cooperation between Longterm Medical and McKesson is not a one-way choice of a company, but a mutual understanding of the two parties. McKesson's "customer success" creed and Longterm Medical's "altruistic" philosophy are exactly the same. It is the correct choice of the two parties that has allowed the two companies to cooperate for 12 years and continue to work together as always.

As a company that is gradually becoming a world-class company, Longterm Medical will continue to cooperate with international high-level medical companies, and grow itself through learning exchanges and upgrading of production and research. Our goal is always the same: to create high-quality medical supplies and relieve the pain of patients , for the benefit of all mankind.