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Hydrocolloid Dressing Nasal Cannula Fixation

Cannula Fixation Hydrocolloid Dressings
Hydrocolloid Dressing For Nasal Cannula
Reorder No. Size Quantity
G1700 0.8''×2.4'' (2.1cm×6.1cm)  40/50/Cs
G1701 1''×3'' (2.6cm×7.8cm) 40/50/Cs
G1702 1''×3.3'' (2.7cm×8.5cm) 40/50/Cs
G1703 1.2''×3.5"(3.2cm×9cm) 40/50/Cs
G1704 1.5''×3.6"(3.9cm×9.1cm) 40/50/Cs

Product Introduction of Hydrocolloid Dressing For Nasal Catheter Fixation

Indignant nasal catheter is widely used in general surgery. The main ways of nasal catheter include nasogastric tube, nasojejunal tube and nasobiliary tube. Clinical often due to long-term use of tape, tape viscosity is reduced, the patient's activities, nasal secretions increase, sweating skin moisture, skin grease is secreted increase alar skin damage caused, such as increased risk of accident tube, shift, influence the treatment effect, increase the nursing workload, increase the pain of patients, increases the risk of medical expense and medical dispute.

In order to improve the stability of nasal catheter and give full play to the functions of various catheters, fixing nasal cannula with hydrocolloid wound dressing can improve the fixation effect of nasal catheter, and at the same time, it can give consideration to aesthetics and comfort.

Nasal pressure injury is a serious problem during nasotracheal intubation. The use of nasal protective dressings can reduce the incidence of nasal pressure injury during nasotracheal intubation.

Usually, hydrocolloid dressings are used for wounds such as pressure sores. The main functions of hydrocolloid dressings are to protect the wound surface, maintain a moist environment, absorb a small amount of exudate, inhibit infection and relieve pain. The findings suggest that hydrocolloid dressings reduce the incidence of nasal pressure injury primarily by reducing the pressure exerted by the endotracheal tube on the nose. However, maintaining a moist environment and inhibiting infection may also help reduce the incidence of nasal pressure injuries. Hydrocolloid dressings are soft, resilient, and inexpensive materials that are easy and safe to apply. Clinical studies have shown that the incidence and severity of nasal injuries such as full-thickness skin necrosis around the nostrils and columellar necrosis are significantly reduced with the use of hydrocolloid dressings.

- Thoroughly clean the wound and dry the wound skin before use.

- A hydrocolloid dressing approximately 2 cm wider than the wound edge should be selected to ensure sufficient adhesion to the skin.

- If the wound depth exceeds 5 mm, a suitable dressing should be selected to fill the cavity before applying a hydrocolloid dressing.

- This product is not suitable for wounds with heavy exudate.

- It is normal for the dressing to appear swelling and whitish after absorbing and swelling. When absorption is saturated, it is recommended to change the dressing.

- In the initial stage of using hydrocolloid dressings, sometimes it is found that the wound becomes larger instead, which is caused by dressing cleansing, which is a normal phenomenon.

- Due to the fusion of hydrocolloid molecules and exudate, a gel is formed. Sometimes it looks like a purulent discharge and is therefore mistaken for a wound infection. It will be fine after swelling the gel with normal saline.

- The use of hydrocolloid dressings sometimes produces a certain odor, which disappears after washing the wound with normal saline.

- If there is leakage around the dressing, change the dressing immediately.

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