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Transparent Dressing Green-Squares

Catheter Transparent Dressing

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Applicotion:Introvenousinjection.for infants and premoture infonts only.




Application:Peripheral venous catheter(basictype).




Application:CVC(CVP)subclovian vein cotheter,epidural cotheter.


Protect the skin easy for bruising or external infection, enhance cannula and catheter fixation.

[Product Structure:]
1.PE square backing design

Capable of preventing tension on the skin during the operation, and reducing the probability of skin injury.

2.Super high breathability, waterproot and skin-adaptive

The color of the imported ultrathin frosty polyurethane (PU) with super high breathability is close to that of the skin, transparent, breathable and waterproof. It can be fully attached on the skin and convenient for observation of the injection position and wound.

3.Record and enhance fixation, quality management

The record strip is designed on one side of the dressing, facilitating the operator to record the patient name, time and bed number, strengthen the anchoring, and facilitating the quality management

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Zhejiang Longterm Medical is a well-known China Transparent Dressing Green-Squares suppliers and OEM Transparent Dressing Green-Squares Company, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of high-end medical dressings. Our Transparent Dressing Green-Squares have passed the US FDA certification, German TUV ISO13485 certification, CE certification.

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