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Sports Bandage Cotton

Cotton Elastic Sports Bandage (Kinesiology Tape)

Reorder NO.  Size  Quantity
KRT-001  1" x 5.5 yds.(2.5cmx5m)  12/24/Cs
KRT-002  1.5" x 5.5 yds.(3.8cmx5m)  20/6/Cs
KRT-003  2" x 5.5 yds.(5cmx5m)  12/12/Cs

Kinesiology tape is made of high-quality cotton stretch fabric and medical pressure-sensitive adhesive with the most advanced "S"-type coating technology. lt is highly adhesive and free from peeling off when encountering sweat, and it has hyposensitivity, softness, breathability and high ductility. The ductility of the bandage equal to that of muscle is 140%. lt is equivalent to an extra muscle on the skin to help muscle contraction, so that it can reduce the burden of muscle. But activities of joints or muscles will not be restricted.

KLD Kinesiology tape, which is named KINESIOTAPE, has been popular in Japan for nearly 30 years and in Europe and USA for 10 years. It is USA KINESIO Company that sponsored many tapes free of charge to many sportsmen from the United States, United Kingdom and China in the 2008 Olympic Games. Nowadays, KLD products are widely used by professional sportsmen in national and provincial sports teams.

lt is suitable for the joints in a different part of the human body without the use of drug. lt is only required to stick the bandage on the skin at the time of use. By pulling the skin, it helps the circulation of blood and circulation of lymph, and balances the uncoordinated muscle. In this way, it can relax the muscle and prevent muscle strain.


1. Protect the joints, muscles, fascia and relieve pain during sports.

2. Reduce the impact on joints and muscle tendons, promote circulation of blood, and ease muscle tension.

3. Assist the correction of deformities, tendon contracture, acute or chronic tendon injury, and muscle recovery therapy.

Use Methods:

1. Clean the local skin before use.

2. Cut it to the required size, then stick the adhesive tape onto the skin with natural elastic force, and press it properly.

3. Stick the product on the local tendon and the strain part of joint as instructed.

4. When showering, it is not required to peel off the tape, and it is only required to dry it with a towel after use.

5. If skin irritation reaction appears after the use, you can apply some skin relief cream or stop using it.

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