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Transparent Dressing PICC Antibacterial

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Catheter related infections have become a common cause of nosocomial infections and indweling central venous catheter is one of the main ways. It has been reported in the literature [1] that the incidence of central venous catheter related infection(CVC-RI)caused by long-term catheterization is 5%~30%,and local contomination of the puncture site is the main couse [2]. Therefore, it is critical to effectively prevent central venous catheter infection and select an antibacterial dressing to cover the puncture site.
[1]Glles Y, Aksoy M, Tezelman S. What really affects the incidence of centeal ventral catheter_related infections for short term catherization [J]. Acta Chir Belg, 2002, 102(4): 256258.
[2]XuezhenZHOU. Control of Intravenous Infection[J]. Forelgn Medical Nursing Sclence, 2002, 19(12): 558560.

Product Advantages
1. Increase
Antibocterial property; duration of aseptic condition; moisture pemeability; tightness, firmness.
2. Reduce
Infection of puncture site; eczema, dermatitis, allergy; nursing frequency; slip rate.

Use Methods
1. Strictly follow the principle of aseptic operotion;
2. Open the package and take out the product:
3. Peel off partial backing paper until exposure of antibacterial safety island:
4. The operator holds the antibacterial safety island against the back with his(her) fingers and aims at the puncture point for application;
5. Focusing on the puncture point, and gradually dressing the film and non-wowen parts around step by step.

1. All kinds of deep vein cotheters (PICC catheter, CVC catheter, etc).
2. Peripheral venous catheter with indwelling time >24h.

1. Use tension-free dressing method;
2. Please aim the antibacterial safety island at the puncture point when dressinging:
3. Make sure the film is sterile and dry when dressinging.

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