Super Absorbent Innosorb Silicone

Silicone Absorben Dressing
Silicone Super Absorben Dressing
Reorder No.  size  Quantity
1252 2''×2'' (5cm×5cm)  10/20/Cs
1253 4''×4'' (10cm×10cm)  10/10/Cs
1254 6''×6'' (15cm×15cm)  10/10/Cs
1255 8''×8'' (20cm×20cm)  10/10/Cs
The product structure consists of: bottom paper, silicone net layer, composite fiber absorbent material.

The silicone contact layer can directly cover the wound without sticking to the wound and quickly absorb a large amount of exudate.

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Zhejiang Longterm Medical is a well-known China Super Absorbent Innosorb Silicone suppliers and OEM Super Absorbent Innosorb Silicone Company, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of high-end medical dressings. Our Super Absorbent Innosorb Silicone have passed the US FDA certification, German TUV ISO13485 certification, CE certification.

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Our solutions start with a need. Patients and healthcare professionals inspire us to design medical solutions for wound management, surgery and pressure ulcer prevention. We want to enhance performance at every point of care – from the operating room to the home.

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