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Children's Day! Please check for a thoughtful "gift"

Posted by Admin | 31 May

The festival that belongs to them in a year is coming. I wish all the children a happy Children's Day~

On this day, you are only responsible for being happy

But as parents, we should not only give our children happiness but also take precautions against their health in advance.

June's weather, a child's face, changes in an instant

Although June is the beginning of summer, the weather is getting hotter and the warm air is getting stronger, but the cold air is still there. As the cold and warm air meet again and again, the weather in parts of the country is changeable.

In addition, when the weather is hot, people use air conditioners and fans indoors, go to water parks, and play water fights outdoors. During this season, many children like to eat ice cream, and various fruits, and drink ice cola and soda, which will inevitably cause colds, fevers, or diarrhea in children after catching cold or wind.

Parents must be cautious about this. Not only should they add clothes to their children appropriately, but they should also keep some children's medicines at home.

Children's health has always been the biggest concern of parents.

Therefore, household medicines must always be kept at home!

Baby, just be happy.

Let us protect your health!