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Longterm Labor Union helps needy workers with heart and soul

Posted by Admin | 17 May

A love and a warmth. In order to fully carry forward the company's employee values of "common progress, common prosperity, and common happiness", the Longterm Medical Working Committee launched the assistance fund for needy employees and the "warmth delivery" fund for the two festivals in 2024.

The establishment of the assistance fund is not only to help employees in need, but also to help our "family" get out of temporary difficulties and achieve the long-term internal mission of the enterprise of "material abundance and spiritual happiness".


This time, we assisted 2 employees with a total of 7,000 yuan in assistance funds, sending them the warmth and blessings of the Longterm family. We hope that they can face difficulties positively and optimistically and believe that they will definitely overcome them.


In the future, the Longterm Assistance Fund will continue to play its role in helping people in need and effectively alleviate the economic pressure on employees when they encounter major difficulties in life, allowing all employees to feel a sense of happiness and belonging.

As the "mother-in-law" of the employees , the Longterm Medical Working Committee will continue to provide assistance to employees in need, continuously consolidate the results of alleviating poverty, continue to provide services to protect the rights of employees, give full play to the role of trade unions in serving employees, put assistance to the families of employees in need into action, and bring the warmth of trade unions to the hearts of employees.