Alginate Dressing Rope

Rope alginate dressing
Alginate wound dressing
Reorder No.  Size  Quantity
G5405  0.78'*12' (2cm*30cm)  20/5/Cs
G5407 0.78'*16' (2cm*40cm)  20/5/Cs

1. Safe and non-toxic: alginate dressing is a natural polymer material that is non-toxic to the human body and can be used safely.

2. High hygroscopicity: Alginate dressing can absorb 11 times its own weight in liquid.

3. Strong hemostasis: Alginic acid medical membrane can release Ca2+ when it contacts wound exudate, which can promote the formation of prothrombin activator and promote blood coagulation.

4. Fast gelation: absorb wound exudate, exchange Na+/Ca2+ ions with exudate, and form a stable network gel layer on the wound surface.

5. Promote wound healing: Slightly acidic, anaerobic, or hypoxic, and moderately humid wound environment can promote the release of growth factors, stimulate cell proliferation, improve the regeneration ability and cell movement of epidermal cells, and promote wound healing.

6. Bacteriostasis: Harmful bacteria are fixed in the fiber, which can effectively inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria and reduce the chance of bacteria contacting the wound.

7. Reduce local pain: The hydrogel formed on the surface can effectively protect nerve endings and avoid external stimulation. It is not easy to adhere to the wound, easy to remove, and reduces wound pain.

8. Reduce scar formation: There will be no irritation and damage to the wound, so there will be less scar formation.

Scope of application of alginate dressing

1. Treatment of exudate and local hemostasis.

2. Moderate and severe exudates, and lacunar wounds such as bedsores, bedsores, and bedsores.

3. Diabetic foot ulcer wounds, lower extremity venous or arterial ulcer wounds.

4. Burn skin donor site wounds and refractory burn wounds.

5. Blood and exudate from wound surface after operation of anorectal fistula.


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