Ostomy Pouch 210ML

Product name: ostomy bag
Bag body size: 250*144cm
Bag capacity: 250ML
Bag body material: multilayer high barrier co-extrusion membrane
Chassis notches: 15-60mm (min-max)
Crowd targeting: adults
Applied stoma: Anorostomy (colon/ileum)
Applicable scene: daily life, work
Applicable type: one-piece, two-piece
Compatible seals: velcro
Compatible chassis: hydrocolloid, PE foam, hydrocolloid foam, hydrocolloid foam with nonwoven ring

On the basis of the Velcro seal, the design of the two "ears" is optimized and upgraded, which strengthens the firmness of the Velcro seal and is simple and convenient to use.

At the same time, the capacity of the stoma bag becomes smaller, the size of the bag body is smaller, and the feeling of wearing the colostomy pouch will be more comfortable.

It is small and easy to use.


Special adhesive formula, safe and reliable:

100%hydrophilic gel skin -friendly and flexible skin film. We have a unique formula and can form a suitable skin barrier based on different skin types. It provides stable fit, protects the skin and effectively absorbs moisture. A great balance between the strong adhesion and the removal of comfortable removal. The skin wafer has a pre -cut size to choose from. You can also use the cutting version to easily cut into the required size.

Lightweight and deodorant sealing bag:

Use a better odor sealing film as a bag. The film has a good ability to resist evil, can perfectly remove the odor and has a special fragrance, with high vertical and horizontal tearing strength.

About product use issues:

1. Patients for preparation problems.

2. Skin barrier can usually be used for 5 to 7 days, and continuous use will affect the adhesive ability.

3. If the bag is full of air, you can hit a small hole on the bag. It is recommended to use Innomed activated carbon filters.

4. Pocket -making cannot be recycled.

5. Do not throw into the toilet or cloaca directly, and you must not discard it at will. Please pay attention to environmental protection.

6. Use with caution of adhesive allergies.

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Zhejiang Longterm Medical is a well-known China Ostomy Pouch 210ML suppliers and OEM Ostomy Pouch 210ML Company, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of high-end medical dressings. Our Ostomy Pouch 210ML have passed the US FDA certification, German TUV ISO13485 certification, CE certification.

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