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Medical Bandage First Aid

Medical Bandage (First Aid Bandage)
Reorder NO.  Size  Dressing Pad
ZNJJ-001  2" x 2.7 yds.(5cmx2.5m)  4"x2" (10cmx5cm)
ZNJJ-002  3" x 2.7 yds.(7.5cmx2.5m)  4"x3" (10cmx7.5cm)
ZNJJ-003  4" x 2.7 yds.(10cmx2.5m)  4"x4" (10cmx10cm)
ZNJJ-004  6" x 2.7 yds.(15cmx2.5m)  6"x6" (15cmx15cm)
ZNJJ-001L  2" x 5 yds.(5cmx4.5m)  4"x2" (10cmx5cm)
ZNJJ-002L  3" x 5 yds.(7.5cmx4.5m)  4"x3" (10cmx7.5cm)
ZNJJ-003L  4" x 5 yds.(10cmx4.5m)  4"x4" (10cmx10cm)
ZNJJ-004L  6" x 5 yds.(15cmx4.5m)  6"x6" (15cmx15cm)
note: material and size can be subject to the customer demand.

First aid bandage is made of a non-woven self-adhesive elastic bandage and blood-sucking pad, or PBT first aid bandage and blood-sucking pad, and used for emergency hemostasis and bandaging.
lt is especially suitable for injuries caused by accidents, such as earthquakes, fire, field activities, sports, war, Red Cross training, etc.

Product Advantage:

1. Cotton material, being soft and highly elastic.

2. Easy for use and comfortable in touching.

3. Proper pressure and good ductility.

4. Provide medium to maximum pressure, so that the wound can be wrapped by the wounded person themselves, without the need for cutting.

5. Strong viscosity, good breathability, and no sensitivity.

6. After the stretching of the bandage, the contraction is stable.

7. There is no residue after removing the bandage.

※Non-woven self-adhesive elastic bandage and blood-sucking pad can be used with viscose fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber dressing.

Use Methods:

Take out the bandage from the sealing bag and open the bandage. Place the blood-sucking pad on the wound, wrap it with a bandage when turning it around the wound, you can tear it by hands without the need of scissors. (If it is made of PBT material, cut it with scissors, tie the knot or use medical tape to fix the connecting place).


It is used for abrasion, cuts, gunshot wounds, burns, chemical burns, ulceration and erosion, bleeding, etc.
It can also be used in the following situations:

1. Used as the supporting bandage for strains and sprains.

2. Used for fixing with a hot or cold compress.

3. Compression bandage promotes blood circulation and acts as an external fixation dressing to assist the healing of the wound.

4. Compression bandage can control the wound swelling and effectively press the wound for hemostasis.

5. Application in pet injuries.

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Zhejiang Longterm Medical is a well-known China Medical Bandage First Aid suppliers and OEM Medical Bandage First Aid Company, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of high-end medical dressings. Our Medical Bandage First Aid have passed the US FDA certification, German TUV ISO13485 certification, CE certification.

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