PU Foam Dressing

Reorder No.  size  Quantity
G3121  2''×2'' (5cm×5cm)  10/10/Cs
G3122  4''×4'' (10cm×10cm)  10/10/Cs
G3123 4''×8'' (10cm×20cm)  10/10/Cs
G3124  6''×6'' (15cm×15cm)  10/10/Cs
G3126  2.7''×4.3'' (7cm×11cm)  10/10/Cs
G3127  8''×8'' (20cm×20cm)  10/10/Cs
G3128  3''×3'' (7.5cm×7.5cm)  10/10/Cs
G3129  4''×7'' (10cm×17.5cm)  10/10/Cs
polyurethane foam dressing
Absorbent layer:
Can absorb exudate in large quantities; soft and comfortable, good cushioning and protection.
Backing film:
Highly breathable membrane isolation layer, soft and moisturizing, waterproof and anti-bacteria.

Foam dressing is a medical polyurethane material with a texture similar to "sponge". Unlike gauze, it does not shed fibers or particles. It is an outer advanced wound dressing that replaces gauze.

It can be used independently or in combination with ointment and other dressings. It has breathability and heat insulation, helps maintain a moist wound environment, and can better play an anti-infection or moisturizing effect.

Wound conditions that cannot be used alone:
1. Infected wounds with thick secretions may need to be used in conjunction with other drugs.
2. Deep wounds with firm adhesion of necrotic tissue may need to be used in conjunction with scab removal products.
3. Wounds of sinus tracts and cavities may need to be used with packing dressings such as alginate dressings.

The foam dressing has a soft texture and is close to the wound surface, effectively flattening the raised granulation tissue, and the polymer material does not stimulate granulation proliferation. Rapid expansion after absorbing exudate ensures good contact between the dressings surface and the wound bottom. It has a unique negative pressure drainage effect, ensuring complete contact with the wound surface and rapid drainage.

Absorbs exudate faster, with more volume, anti-reverse osmosis ability, absorbs exudate vertically and locks it tightly in the fixed area, so that the wound maintains a moist environment without impregnating the surrounding skin. This way the dressing can be left in place for several days, making it more cost-effective. The outer layer has a moisturizing film to maintain a moist healing environment and is conducive to wound repair. Absorbency will depend on thickness and composition.

The use of polyurethane foam dressing can isolate external pollution on the skin of the pressure part, protect the exposed nerve endings of the wound, and relieve pain.

In addition, the foam dressing is moderately soft and hard, which can effectively relieve the pressure on the wound surface, reduce the incidence of bedsores in bedridden patients, and play a preventive role. Indicated for pressure injury prevention when used as part of a broader pressure injury prevention protocol.

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Zhejiang Longterm Medical is a well-known China PU Foam Dressing suppliers and OEM PU Foam Dressing Company, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of high-end medical dressings. Our PU Foam Dressing have passed the US FDA certification, German TUV ISO13485 certification, CE certification.

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