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The world's first wound AI diagnosis and treatment project is officially launched!

Posted by Admin | 13 Mar

Longterm Medical, once said: AI is an epoch-making revolution. AI is a major trend in the future in all walks of life around the world. AI diagnosis and treatment of wounds must also be a major direction in the development of the medical field. This development is unstoppable. If someone must do global wound AI diagnosis and treatment, then why not us?


The world's first wound AI smart diagnosis and treatment project officially launched

On March 10, 2024, the world's first seminar on the wound AI intelligent diagnosis and treatment project was successfully launched at Longterm Medical Industrial Park. Academician Wang Ruili, Academician Li Xiaokun's team at Wenzhou Medical University, Vice President of Zhejiang University Haining International Campus, Zhejiang University Health Professor Wu Jian, deputy director of the National Institute of Medical Big Data, and his delegation, as well as relevant teams from the Huzhou Nursing Association and Huzhou First People's Hospital, and the artificial intelligence expert team of Zhejiang Honglan Technology, attended the meeting.


During the meeting, academician teams and experts in the field of artificial intelligence elaborated on the feasibility and practical application cases of artificial intelligence technology in medical treatment studied and discussed the innovative development of artificial intelligence, big data, and other technologies in the medical field, and discussed the application of artificial intelligence in wound AI diagnosis and treatment. Applications provide unlimited imagination for improving people's healthy and convenient lives. The combination of AI and medical care empowers medical care with the "wisdom" of technology, creating a breakthrough for the transformation of the digital health industry.


The launch of AI intelligent diagnosis and treatment of wounds will provide a strong boost to the development of global digital medicine. In the advancement of this project, the team will establish the world's largest clinical case-sharing database, which can be shared across medical institutions through authorized data, which will help Eliminate medical data information silos, and patients can also access their own diagnosis data, treatment data, etc. in real-time.


As the data in the shared medical case database increases, diagnostic accuracy, treatment efficiency, and the supply chain system of medical products will continue to improve.


As the initiator of the world's first wound AI diagnosis and treatment project, Longterm Medical has completed the work plan for the first batch of pilot hospitals with the Honglan artificial intelligence team. Focusing on cooperative hospitals, case pictures, software, and hardware development, etc., the target progress has been completed. The wound AI project will deploy key tasks after this seminar to empower the development of digital medical care in China and around the world.


Open a new era of global wound AI intelligent diagnosis and treatment and strive to protect the health of all mankind!