Hydrocolloid Dressing Ultra-thin

Thin hydrocolloid dressings
Hydrocolloid dressing for burns
Reorder No. Size Quantity
G1402 2''×2'' (5cm×5cm)  10/10/Cs
G1405 3''×3'' (7.5cm×7.5cm)  10/10/Cs
G1408 4''×4'' (10cm×10cm)  10/10/Cs
G1415 6''×6'' (15cm×15cm)  20/5/Cs
G1417 6''×8'' (15cm×20cm)  20/5/Cs
G1418 8''×8'' (20cm×20cm)  20/5/Cs
G1430 2''×4'' (5cm×10cm)  10/10/Cs
G1431 2''×6'' (5cm×15cm)  10/10/Cs
G1432 2''×8'' (5cm×20cm)  10/10/Cs

Product Description:

1. Surface composite semi-permeable matte polyurethane film

2. When the colloid thickness is 0.4mm: moisture permeability 0.34/10cm2/24h/37 degrees Celsius, the thickness can be adjusted as required

3. Liquid absorption capacity: 2.83g/g/24h/37 degrees Celsius

4. PH5.7, acid and alkali resistance range PH3-12.

5. The moisture absorption capacity and liquid absorption capacity can be adjusted as needed.

Product function:

Hydrocolloid dressings have strong sealing properties and can protect fresh granulation tissue on the wound surface.

It can provide a slightly acidic and low oxygen tension healing environment for wounds, promote the fastest growth of fibroblasts, and stimulate macrophages to release a variety of growth factors to accelerate blood vessel formation, thereby accelerating the formation of granulation tissue and wound healing.

Product advantages:

Allows easy observation of wounds

The translucent design of the hydrocolloid dressing allows direct observation of the wound condition and does not require frequent replacement to avoid damage to new granulation tissue.

Good compliance and fits the skin

① good stickiness

② Stick firmly

③ Easy to remove

④ Soft and elastic

⑤ Highly compliant with skin

⑥ Good patient comfort

Reduce the workload of medical staff

Hydrocolloid dressings can remain on the wound for up to 7 days

No need to change dressings every day

Reduce the workload of medical staff

Reduce patient costs

Ultra-thin hydrophilic colloid dressing product introduction

Ultra-thin hydrocolloid dressing is a flat wound dressing with a wire thickness of 0.6 mm (minimum thickness is 0.3 mm), an elastic dressing made of medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, carboxymethyl cellulose (computer media exchange) particles, etc. This type of adhesive wound dressing is often called a second skin dressing.

Reference values for its liquid absorption capacity: 2.83 g/g/24 hours/37 degrees Celsius, 3.23 g/g/72 hours/37 degrees Celsius

Hydrocolloid dressings are better than traditional wound dressings in terms of wound healing, number of dressing changes, and level of pain caused by the dressing.

Regular packaging: 1 piece of hydrocolloid dressing is packed in 1 inner bag, 10 pieces are packed in 1 middle box, and 10 middle boxes are packed in 1 carton. Inner bags, middle boxes, and outer boxes can be customized according to needs.

Hydrocolloid products are sterilized by radiation.

Ultra-thin hydrocolloid dressings are highly adhesive but at the same time absorb exudate creating a gel-like appearance so that they do not adhere to the wound. In the flat-edged state, the mold is relatively simple and can be designed into products of various sizes and styles, which is also convenient for consumers to cut and use freely according to the location and size of the wound.

Clinical manifestations: It is used for chronic wounds, such as pressure ulcer prevention and venous ulcer wound treatment. It is more suitable for superficial burns, partial cortical burns, donor site wounds, postoperative wounds and skin fires. It has the ability to absorb wound exudates and play a role in Cleansing effect.

More other application scenarios: hydrocolloid bandage, cut it freely and apply it on the face to heal large areas of acne; stick it on the arm in a long strip to prevent phlebitis; use double-sided tape for wigs; used to protect and fix secondary dressings; Ultra-thin transparent hydrocolloid retainer for CVC fixation.

*Proofing service: Provide quick proofing of hydrocolloid products and it is free of charge.

*Design service: Provide customized packaging design based on the characteristics of hydrocolloid products and combined with customer market needs.

*Market service: Long-term Medical combines customers' market application needs for hydrocolloid products and jointly creates marketing plans based on rich clinical experience in wound dressings.

*R&D services: Hydrocolloid products that are not satisfied with water absorption, initial viscosity, viscosity and other properties can be jointly developed. Whether in terms of performance or materials, the company's own laboratory and technical team will satisfy you.



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