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Summer life tips | How to stop the itch and leave no scars after mosquito bites

Posted by Admin | 14 Jun

The summer solstice is here, and there are more and more mosquitoes. If you just go out and have a walk, you are likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. If you don't stop the itching properly, repeated scratching will cause skin damage, and sometimes leave dark marks, which is uncomfortable to look at. Today we will talk seriously about how to relieve itching and reduce marks left after mosquito bites.

Local cooling

The surface area of the antipyretic patch is much larger than that of the cooling and antipruritic patch, so it is more suitable for large-area itching relief after being bitten by fleas. It relieves the itching sensation by cooling the body surface, especially for pregnant women and breastfeeding women who cannot take medication. Physical itching is very suitable.

Apply soap (soapy water)

The skin will itch after being bitten by mosquitoes. We can use natural tea tree plant soap that combines skincare and cleaning into one, apply it to clean mosquito bites and achieve a soothing and anti-itching effect. It can be used with confidence by both adults and children.

The foam is very dense and it is also very comfortable to use for daily facial care.

1.Apply iodine to the bite:

If the mosquito bite causes redness and swelling, and there are scratches, you can apply iodine to the bite to disinfect it.

Independent single pack can be opened and disassembled at any time, safer and more effective.

2. Lighten scars:

After being "kissed" by mosquitoes, sometimes black marks are left after the redness and swelling subside, and these black marks will not subside for a long time. They are not ugly, but somewhat unsightly. In medicine, these black marks left after being "kissed" by mosquitoes are called "post-inflammatory pigmentation."

If you want to reduce the number of marks left, is there any good way?

In fact, time is the  way to cure this type of pigmentation. In other words, the "evidence" left by mosquitoes will fade over time. If you want to stay ahead of time, adults can also refer to the following methods:

① Take sun protection seriously: If you don't do enough sun protection, ultraviolet rays will further stimulate and aggravate pigmentation.

② Physical application: When the scar stops growing, is no longer swollen, painful, or itchy, and enters the scar fading and repairing stage, you can use Longtai scar gel. It is colorless and odorless, invisible and protective, forms a film quickly, and does not affect the appearance.

The recovery process of mosquito bite scars can be as fast as two weeks with obvious results.

Well, that's all for today! Let's take good precautions, don't be afraid of mosquitoes, and have a beautiful summer~

Finally, I wish you all a happy summer solstice! Live a healthy life every day!