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Stoma skin protection is commonly used in patients with temporary and permanent abdominal ostomy. Its main function is to keep the local stoma clean, collect feces, and prevent wound infection caused by the feces around the fistula. In addition, the stoma leak-proof sticker can also protect the skin and mucous membranes around the stoma, prevent the occurrence of corrosive dermatitis caused by long-term feces and intestinal content stimulation, and bring huge harm to patients. Regular replacement to prevent the possibility of aggravating local inflammation and contamination of the ostomy opening if not replaced for a long time.

 FUNCTIONALITY: The plastic wrap is used to fill in the dents/folds in the intact skin around the stoma, thereby providing a seal between the stoma and the stoma tray, thereby protecting the skin from stoma discharge.


1. Remove the protective paper on one side, cut off the protective paper on the other side and keep it, stretch the plastic ring with both hands, adjust it to the size of the stoma, put the protective paper on the root of the stoma with one side facing up, and place the ring on the skin After the stoma is attached, press the area around the stoma with your fingers or a damp cotton swab to make the plastic ring fit closely with the skin at the root of the stoma, taking care that there is no gap between the ring and the area around the stoma. Then peel off the protective paper on the pressed side.

2. Cut the leak-proof loop, remove the protective paper on both sides, stretch it to a suitable length, and wrap it around the root of the stoma like a scarf. Use your fingers or a damp cotton swab to press around the stoma to make the plastic loop and the skin at the root of the stoma. For a tight fit, pay attention to leaving no gaps around the ring and the stoma.

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