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Longterm Customs Working Committee and Deqing County Library were officially established

Posted by Admin | 21 Oct

The book has its own golden house. The more books you read, the easier it is to become materially rich and spiritually happy.

To call on the employees of the enterprise to read and study in a variety of ways, to expand their horizons, to enhance their knowledge reserves and cultural literacy, and to enrich their spare-time cultural life, the Enterprise Customs and Work Committee, in conjunction with the Deqing County Library, established its own book circulation point.

The book circulation point currently has a collection of about 1,500 books, which are open all day on weekdays, such as party building, children, health care, administrative management, agricultural breeding, and youth literature. The administrator of the book circulation point of the enterprise has carried out the corresponding numbering and classification of each book, which is convenient for management and borrowing. The staff of the post provides the books and materials needed to improve the knowledge and skills of the post.

                                                                              -Children 's Book Zone-

Enterprises in the book circulation point have set up a special area for children's books, which includes children's literature, popular science, educational allusions, etc. This is to facilitate the on-the-job employees to care about their children's growth during work breaks and borrow books for them.

The company encourages employees to read more books, strive to increase their cultural knowledge, and guide employees to cultivate healthy and progressive living habits. In the future, the company will continue to add relevant professional or business management books to further enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees and comprehensively improve the overall quality of the workforce, to promote the steady development of the company.

Let us read more, learn more, constantly improve ourselves, and enrich ourselves