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Longterm medical hydrocolloid heel patch

Posted by Admin | 04 Nov

Today, I will share with you the heel stickers in the [Longterm Home Health Care Package]. This heel sticker is made of hydrocolloid material, which is an invisible anti-wear and blister repair artifact necessary for grinding feet ! Also called blister stickers .

What is a hydrocolloid?

The full name of hydrocolloid is "Hydrocolloid", and the dressing is actually "the material applied to the wound"I went to the sterile workshop and saw that the semi-processed "hydrocolloid dressing" looked like this , very soft.



What is the function of dressing?

We all know that the skin barrier is our body's first line of defense to help us resist the invasion of various harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses.


If we suffer from skin trauma, it means that there is a problem with this line of defense, and we still have the body's immune system, the second line of defense, to continue to resist. It would also be helpful to be able to build another temporary line of defense at this point , which is what dressings are for.

The hydrocolloid dressing is made by mixing and processing raw materials such as sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and hot melt adhesive.


Among them, sodium hydroxymethyl cellulose is a polymer compound, which can create a moist environment suitable for wound healing.

The chance of infection is reduced, the swelling can be 12 times after absorbing the exudate, and the liquid absorption is super strong. When the dressing absorbs liquid and becomes milky white, it will not adhere to the wound and avoid secondary damage.


And our foot patch, using hydrocolloid to assist wound "wet healing" care and repair characteristics, better care of your wound.