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Longterm medical's non-stop public welfare, let the love continue

Posted by Admin | 05 Jan

Everyone is responsible for the current "epidemic"! Longterm loves public welfare, passing on the low-income families in the county

On January 3, 2023, when the county's epidemic prevention materials were still in short supply, Longterm Medical resolutely went retrograde and launched the "Love Epidemic Prevention Package Delivered to Home" public welfare activity, highlighting the social responsibility of "Pioneer of Epidemic Prevention".


There are 1,602 low-income households in the county, and 1,602 love epidemic prevention kits, antigen reagents, alcohol sprays, medical masks, antipyretic patches, and hand sanitizer gels, all of which are currently in short supply. Among them, Longterm also prepared milk and condolences for extremely poor families.


With the support of the leaders of the Deqing County Propaganda Department, Civil Affairs Bureau, sub-district offices, and villages and towns, Longterm has contacted 13 townships and sub-district offices in the county to distribute love packages one after another. Longterm insists on non-stop love and public welfare, conveying social care and warmth, and letting love continue to pass on...