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Which dressing is more appropriate for managing fragile skin patients?

Posted by Admin | 13 Jan

Why silicone foam dressing bordered Are More Recommended for Managing Fragile Skin Patients

Silicone Foam Dressing Bordered are suitable for:

Patients with thin, fragile skin are extremely vulnerable. Such patients include the elderly, infants, or patients with genetic defects. Fragile and fragile skin can be damaged by a traumatic event that normally does not cause damage to the skin of healthy individuals, but which may be visible (skin tearing), and epidermal cells from the removal of adhesive dressings fall off.

For these patients, if traditional wound dressings are used, it is not conducive to accelerating wound recovery.

Absorb wound exudate:

1. fast healing

2. The performance of absorbing exudate is stronger than ordinary foam dressing

3. The wound is not macerated.

4. Can also be used on uneven wounds

5. patient can shower

6. save on care costs

7. No adhesion to the wound and less pain when changing dressings and dressings

Common usage scenarios:

Common wounds in life:

1. burn, scald

2. bedsore

3. postoperative wound

4. Various types of ulcers

5. dressing use

6. cesarean section dressing

Use department:

All departments of the internal medicine system:

Prolonged bed rest to prevent pressure ulcers

Treatment of Chronic Refractory Wounds

All departments of the surgical system:

Surgical incisions, lacerations, abrasions, and pressure ulcer prevention during and after surgery