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Annual Longterm Recognition Conference

Posted by Admin | 29 Jan

Time flies so quickly , thank you all for your hard work , and thank you for your unity and cooperation , so that we can get through this extraordinary year 2023 together.

(Mr. Wu Kangping, founder of Longtai Medical, delivered a speech at the conference)

(Mr. Fang Xiuyuan, Chairman of Longtai Medical, delivered a speech at the conference)


For the teams and individuals commended this time, the company hopes that you will continue to work hard and continue to carry forward the "vanguard" spirit. We hope that all employees will follow their example, work together, work hard, and work together to create a more brilliant future for Longterm's health career. New chapter!


Zhejiang Longterm Medical Technology Co., Ltd. wishes everyone
good luck and success in the Year of the Dragon in 2024.
Your career will be prosperous and your financial resources will be abundant.
The family is happy, healthy and safe!