Silver Carbon Fabric Dressing Non-adhesive

Non Adhesive Silver Fabric Dressing
silver activated carbon fiber dressing
Reorder No.  size  Quantity
DASNN0503  2'*1.2' (5cm*3cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN0505  2'*2' (5cm*5cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN0510  2'*4' (5cm*10cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN0515  2'*6' (5cm*15cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN0520  2'*8' (5cm*20cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN0525  2'*10' (5cm*25cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN0530  2'*12' (5cm*30cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN1010  4'*4' (10cm*10cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN1020  4'*8' (10cm*20cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN1515  6'*6' (15cm*15cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN2020  8'*8' (20cm*20cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN2030  8'*12' (20cm*30cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN3030  12'*12' (30cm*30cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN025100  1'*4' (2.5cm*10cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN005200  1'*8' (2.5cm*20cm)  20/5/Cs
DASNN025450  1'*18' (2.5cm*45cm)  20/5/Cs


Reorder No.  size  Quantity
VASNN2015  20mm(outer diameter)/1.5mm(inner diameter)  20/5/Cs
VASNN2040  20mm(outer diameter)/4mm(inner diameter)  20/5/Cs
VASNN2515  25mm(outer diameter)/1.5mm(inner diameter)  20/5/Cs
VASNN2540  25mm(outer diameter)/4mm(inner diameter)  20/5/Cs
VASNN2570  25mm(outer diameter)/7mm(inner diameter)  20/5/Cs
VASNN4040  40mm(outer diameter)/4mm(inner diameter)  20/5/Cs
VASNN4070  40mm(outer diameter)/7mm(inner diameter)  20/5/Cs
VASNN6040  60mm(outer diameter)/4mm(inner diameter)  20/5/Cs
VASNN6070  60mm(outer diameter)/7mm(inner diameter)  20/5/Cs
VASNN9040  90mm(outer diameter)/4mm(inner diameter)  20/5/Cs
VASNN9070  90mm(outer diameter)/7mm(inner diameter)  20/5/Cs
Using fiber as the carrier raw material, silver element is introduced into the surface of the fiber, and after carbonization and other processes, a silver-containing activated carbon fiber dressing is prepared, which has the functions of sterilization, adsorption of odors and toxins, and pain relief.

Activated carbon fiber has excellent adsorption performance, and is the product after granular activated carbon and powdered activated carbon. It has the characteristics of large specific surface area, narrow pore size distribution, large adsorption capacity, and fast adsorption and desorption rate. When used as a medical dressing, activated carbon fiber can effectively absorb odor and seepage, and the silver particles in activated carbon fiber can effectively solve the problem of bacteria that grow during use.

The silver ion release process in the Silver Activated Carbon Fabric Dressing is completed by the combined action of the silver ion release of the silver particles on the fiber surface and the reduction and adsorption of the silver ion by the activated carbon fiber, resulting in an excellent performance of continuous release of silver ions.

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