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SolasCure's Phase IIa Clinical Trial Report: Opening a New Chapter in Wound Care

Posted by Admin | 21 Feb

SOLASCURE Ltd., an innovative company dedicated to the field of biotechnology, is working to develop a disruptive approach to chronic wound care. Recently, they announced to the outside world their CLEANVLUIIa phase clinical trial report published in the International Wound Journal. This achievement is an important milestone in the development of SolasCure and demonstrates the proof-of-concept and safety of their first product, Aurase Wound Gel.


The core ingredient of Aurase Wound Gel is tarumase, a recombinant enzyme derived from medical maggots. During the wound care process, it can effectively promote wound bed preparation and healing, including debridement, moisture supply, infection control, and other key aspects. This unique biotechnology has huge potential for application worldwide, as chronic wounds have become a growing medical problem, affecting approximately 100 million people worldwide.


Although existing treatments can alleviate the symptoms of chronic wounds to some extent, their efficacy is less than satisfactory. Recent clinical data shows that only 25%-50% of chronic or difficult-to-heal wounds achieve complete healing after 20 weeks of standard-of-care treatment. Therefore, the development of Aurase wound gel is of great significance to meet this urgent medical need.


SolasCure's CLEANVLU IIa clinical trial is being conducted at multiple centers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Hungary and is focused on patients with venous leg ulcers (VLU). In the trial, patients received treatments three times a week for four weeks. The results showed that as the concentration of tarumase enzyme increased, debridement was faster and more thorough, and wound healing was better. At the same time, the trial also showed the safety of Aurase Wound Gel, with no systemic absorption, antibody production, or impact on the coagulation system found.


In summary, SOLASCURE Ltd. has brought innovative solutions to the field of chronic wound care through the development and clinical trials of its Aurase Wound Gel. This biotechnology-based treatment not only has significant therapeutic effects but is also highly safe and is expected to become a new option for chronic wound treatment worldwide. This significant advance will bring relief to patients and provide healthcare systems with new tools to better address the global challenge of chronic wounds. After a series of clinical studies, the use of Aurase Wound Gel has been proven to cause no additional pain, providing patients with a pain-free treatment option that will not further exacerbate their pain burden. This groundbreaking result brings hope to many patients suffering from wound pain. At the same time, it is worth emphasizing that the available data do not show any local tolerability issues, which means that Aurase Wound Gel has a good safety and tolerability profile.


To further verify the efficacy of Aurase Wound Gel, we plan to conduct a longer-term, larger-scale Phase II study. In this process, we will conduct an in-depth stratified study of various factors that may influence debridement and wound healing using a randomized controlled trial. We believe that such research methods will give us a more complete understanding of how Aurase Wound Gel performs under different conditions.


In the future, we also plan to explore the potential of higher concentrations of traumas in the wound-healing process. We hope that through these studies, we can provide more innovative and breakthrough solutions in the field of wound treatment and benefit more patients. We firmly believe that with the deepening of research and the continuous advancement of technology, we will bring more efficient and safer treatment methods to the field of wound treatment.